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Here at Carre Migration Australia, we celebrate positive outcomes and our proudest and rewarding moments are when we receive the glowing testimonials from past clients. Every case we take, we believe in challenging the law applicable. We choose to think differently. The way we challenge the immigration officers is by breaking down the law, tell them in the simplest of terms why the law is in favor of our client’s, and which parts of their visa assessment policy is applicable. Our communication with our clients is simplified and friendly. We just happen to make representations.

The feedback we receive from our clients is the key driver. We are passionate about pursuing our client’s goals first and foremost. We are driven by belief, cause, and purpose which is why we are BOLD when representing our clients.

I have made more than my fair share of applications on my own since 2006 and because of time, I couldn't afford to take any more chances.

Fiona has been very professional without losing her friendliness and compassion. No questions have been too much trouble for her to answer. Steve is also very human and understanding too!
My husband and I are very happy with Fiona; thank you!

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Tracy Braun

Fiona was really helpful and very professional. My visa was granted after 2 weeks after it was lodged. That was a very quick grant. I never expected it and was blissfully happy. You guys are amazing and very reliable. I would recommend you to all my friends who are wanting to settle in Australia. And we will be tapping your agency in our pursuit to get a permanent visa. God bless and more power to guys. Thanks heaps!

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Hanny Antonio
Totally Satisfied Applicant!

Many thanks to Steve Cooper, his patience and professionalism allowed to finalize my PR (ENS, DRC) application just within couple of weeks. He was very dedicated to my case, wrote heaps of emails explaining the details, sometimes even outside business hours. Prompt replies, great service, high professionalism. Highly recommended.

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Vitalii Symon

I have used Fione and Carremigration for all my visa requirements. She and her team are a very professional outfit and were very patient with my latest PR application. I was slow in getting all the necessary documents but she always remained patient. Having just received my PR i couldn't be happier.

Thank-you and I've always recommended your services and will continue to do so. One of the best!

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Thank You!

My family and I have been through all of our visa processes in our five years in Australia with Fiona. Initially applying for our 457 and then when my daughter was born adding her onto the Visa and just recently applying for our 856 Permanent Residency Visa. I use Fiona’s services consistently because I trust her as an agent; I knew that she always had our best interests at heart.

Due to family, work and life commitments I was often slow in my response to Fiona’s requests but she persisted with me and was very patient and thorough. I am most grateful for Fiona’s services and have been recommending her to all of my friends and families that I know.

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Chloe Bates
Excellent Service!

I was sitting is my office in Shanghai and ask all questions about preparing documents for my families sub155 residents return visa application. Fiona has been very fast of responding to all questions i have sent to her, and explainations have been really in details. i am very impressive on this. Her professional service has made the whole process so easy for us. We all came to Australia with all documents with us and give them to Fiona, then wait. 2 weeks after, we have the visas done.

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Lin Siwei
Thank You Fiona!

I would firstly like to say that I had such a great experience with Fiona, she was extremely helpful from beginning to end.Her customer service and understanding of my situation is to be commended. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone that is in need of her immigration expertise. Unfortunately it's not so common thees days to received such helpful, caring assistance,that is not the case in my experience with Care Migration,Fiona does in fact care.

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Constantin Turi
Fiona, a wonderful caring individual...

I have no complaints with the service I received from Fiona and all the team at Carre Migration. They fully understood my situation and had dealt with my company on a regular basis in the past which helped quicken the process. I would highly recommmend their services to anyone looking for visa assistance.

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Daniel McAteer
Quality Professional Service

I have no complaints when it comes to Fiona, she is always willing to help and will even assist with non-visa queries. She is patient and makes you feel like you are the only person she is dealing with. Fiona thank you for all your assistance! I would never get through this without you.

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Super Professional!

I recently enlisted Carre Migration to assist in procuring a Student Visa for my son and a Student Guardian Visa for myself. In addition Steve aided in school acceptance and enrollment for my son. The whole process was done via email and the post from the U.S.. Fiona and Steve were so professional, timely, accessible and affordable the entire process was stress free!! Recommending this service is not enough....I'm going to say if you don't use them, you're a fool. All of my interactions with them were pleasant and friendly and my visas were granted in two months from the beginning of the process.

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Sheryl Tynes
Three Cheers for Fiona and Steve.