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Comprehensive Service

A premier visa application service designed to walk you through the entire process of applying for an Australian visa. You will receive a quote prior to going ahead with this service, and there will be no hidden fees as we will notify you of all expected costs up front.

If you purchase this service, all aspects of your case will be professionally managed by a Registered Australian Migration Agent, and you will be able to ask questions by email or telephone at any point along the way and be sure of a prompt response. We will handle all documentation and will ensure your application meets the excellent standard required by the DIBP.

We will provide you with an honest appraisal of your eligibility throughout the process, and will not lodge your application unless we are quite sure of a good result. You can rest easy knowing that your application is in very good hands and that we will do our absolute best to maximize your chances of success.

The following is a summary of what services you can expect to receive if you purchase our Comprehensive Visa Assist package:

  • Communication and continuous updates regarding your visa application
  • A detailed list of documents and evidence required for your visa class, along with relevant advice on translations and certification of documents
  • Thorough check of all documents submitted with your application to ensure that the application complies with current legislative requirements
  • Preparation of visa application in the format required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, including:
  • Assistance with completing forms
  • Detailed legal submission to accompany visa application, to demonstrate that you comply with legislative requirements for the visa
  • Lodgement of visa application at appropriate DIBP office and coordination of fees payment
  • Ongoing monitoring of application status once lodged with DIBP, and assistance in responding to enquiries or requests for further documentation
  • Assistance in preparing for any interviews requested by DIBP
  • Availability to answer questions related to the migration process
  • All family members that can be included in the application will be included
  • All email, phone and personal consultations if applicable
  • All copying and administrative costs are included in the total fee

Reach out to us today and experience an affordable and stress-free migration journey.