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Group Applications

We assist corporate groups, business travelers and international employees achieve their dream of relocating to Australia. Carre Migration works hand in hand with companies embrace immigration programs that will be relevant to their short-term as well as long-term needs by guiding on all the different sides of international recruitment. Our main goal is to ensure that we offer custom migration plans that go hand in hand with the unique workforce plan of your company. In this regard, we offer advice on implications of policy amendments, management of immigration of staff, employment structures as well as offer assistance with matters of compliance and general employer immigration arrangements.

Apart from assisting with employee migration cases, both simple and complex, we also offer exclusive advice on corporate visa applications, group visa processing management and evidentiary requirements in compliance with the law. As a reliable migration firm, we take it upon ourselves to submit targeted applications that are in line with the migration law.

Carre Migration Australia has what it takes to foster amiable sponsorship arrangements with the relevant governing bodies to enable skilled employees from around the globe to work in your firm. We have the capacity and experience to successfully handle a big volume of employee applications as well as manage special cases such as complex labor agreement applications. For temporary employment cases, we work hand in hand with the company to prepare the relevant visa applications. We also offer diverse options for overseas staff required to travel to Australia for periodical business visits and meetings.

Our migration experts will also offer valuable advice on the effects of visa periods and employment arrangements for the sponsored employees. In the case of a changed situation or repatriation, we partner with the relevant authorities to enable timely and appropriate notifications on the same.